Who is Craig A. Brooks?

HWI Gear first came into contact with Craig via Facebook in late 2014 because of his need for high grade gloves. At age 3 Craig was so badly burned that he lost the fingers on his left hand and surgeons were forced to reconstruct fingers out of his palm. As Craig grew up he became an avid shooter and outdoorsman, and he has been a part of search and rescue since he was 13 years old. Craig also served as a Cadet on the US Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.


In September Craig sent HWI Gear a photo of his left hand along with a message requesting help in designing and constructing a custom-made glove that would protect his left hand. After years of Craig’s wife, Roxanne, modifying gloves in order to fit his fingers, Craig did some research on American Made products and decided to reach out to HWI Gear for help. Because Craig has a background with the Fire Apparatus and Equipment manufacturing industry he had identified our gloves as pure “quality”. HWI Gear is one of the few USA Made tactical and duty gear manufacturers in the industry and we decided as a team to partner with Craig in order to construct a personalized glove that would meet his needs. We began this project in early 2015 by requesting a trace of both hands and after much deliberation we put our design team to work. This partnership required many hours of designing, sewing and shipping gloves back and forth for fittings. After months of collaboration HWI Gear is proud to have created a custom-made first generation HWI glove for Craig. The custom glove has brought much needed protection to the tops of his hand and fingertips (the most sensitive spots on his hand) and according to Craig, he keeps the glove in his range bag ready for action.

Currently, Craig is working towards a BA in Health Systems in Northern Wisconsin and hopes to then complete his MBA and relocate to Arizona. He also teaches Business Development for a local technical college’s Business & Industry Solutions Division. He has two children, one grandchild and a cocker spaniel. HWI Gear’s development team has kept the personal pattern for Craig’s custom glove and we are excited to collaborate with him in the future on a hard knuckle version of his current glove.

We are thankful that Craig patiently worked side-by-side with HWI Gear while we diligently created a truly custom glove. This partnership validates the fact that HWI Gear is truly “Better by Design”.