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We recently spent time with the US Marines at Camp Pendleton who rely on quality duty gear and tactical gloves every day.

HWI Gear, Inc has over 30 years of experience in designing duty gear for law enforcement and military professionals. We learned over the years that many things change but what stays consistent is the need for quality and reliable gloves. Sometimes change is visually noticeable like when we updated the hard knuckle size and shape on our core combat glove the CG 100. But there is more to a glove than what you see. Our motto is Better By Design because our core advantage and what makes HWI Gear gloves better is the stuff that touches our user’s skin and how it enables them to get their job done more safely. Our customers are users of our duty gear and we treat them in that way because the difference between a customer and a user is that a user has an individual personality, an individual need, and an individual expectation.

So when we visited the marine base we got to meet our users again. Many of them are old acquaintances but others were new service personnel training and improving their combat and readiness skills. Our founder and owner Bill Hatch spent time on the base learning and experiencing the day to day needs of those that put our duty gear to the toughest tests. The time we spend with our military and service users is special because of the pride we take in truly providing the best product possible to those that need it the most for a cause that is worth celebrating. But it’s also worthwhile because it is these types of visits that has fueled our Better By Design philosophy since the beginning with direct feedback and requests but also in learning about new needs in a changing world and military.

So what does duty gear mean to HWI Gear?

For us duty gear is our expertise, it is our passion, and it is our expectation. Duty gear extends beyond gloves and informs our entire product line including our bags, knee and elbow pads, our head gear, and our brand new riot suit. We’ve applied our experience and expertise to each of our products over the years to inform the material choices we make and the design elements to incorporate which make a better glove.  We love getting feedback from our users and seeing our gear in action to stoke our passion to continue innovating and improving every knit and cut. And we expect our duty gear to live up to the needs and heed the same call of duty that so many answer every day when the trust HWI Gear Inc duty gloves and tactical gear.

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Posted by HWI Gear, Inc. on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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