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Better By Design – That’s our motto here at HWI Gear and we constantly stress how much we really put that into practice. LE Officers are a core customer of ours and we are always trying to design a better glove for them.

A part of staying in touch is looking at our vendor and online shopping feedback.  We get to find what kinds of customers are enjoying which gloves. Some users find different products good for different reasons.  An example of this is this review:

as a LE officer, I rely on these gloves daily during searches and even cold weather. They fit great and are obviously built with quality and function in mind. I soaked them in water for a few hours, then slept with them for one night and now they fit like a second skin. The kevlar lining adds a little bulk to them, but I can pick up coins off the the floor, manipulate my service firearm, and search a vehicle with no problems at all.

Amazon KLD100 Review

Recommend LE Officer Gloves

We love hearing feedback like this.  It shows us that we really did our jobs in making sure that our designs fit the needs of our customers in their situations.  We realize that LE Officers work in different environments and situations so it’s hard to develop one glove that perfectly meets all scenarios, but when we design and choose a glove’s materials we often look at a list of design elements or functions we must try to meet. For example:

  • Sharp object protection – what kinds of materials offer puncture resistance? Can we use it and still offer dexterity?
  • Lining wear and tear – our gloves are designed to last and we know officers put their gloves through day to day torture. Is our glove easy to put on? Take off? How does the lining/stitching hold up?
  • Weather impact – on a hot day will they do the job? what about if it’s very cold the next? What amount of lining and what materials offer breathability as well as a degree of insulation?
  • Material layering – what parts of the gloves need more lining for wear and tear? Can the officer still search a pocket and feel everything inside?

These are just some of the questions we ask ourselves when we design, develop, and engineer our gloves for the military, law enforcement, and other duty professionals.  We’ve been a part of the LE support family for all our lives ( some of us anyways) and in that time we have developed what we think are some of the recommended, fundamental, most usable gloves for any law enforcement officer in the field.  We want you to check them out, read the reviews, give us your own feedback, and join us in making your jobs more safe and Better by Design.

These gloves offer a range of solutions for LE Officers on duty. Some have more protection in the fingers for searches and others are more general use driving and work gloves. Each product has a list of the materials used on their product pages and are available and in stock. We’d love to introduce you to our product line so if you have any questions please find us on Facebook or Twitter and let us know what your particular needs are and we can discuss with you what other officers and law enforcement personnel have found effective.