As a family owned and operated business we know that Halloween is a great time to go over some basic safety tips.  Our office sometimes goes into kid mode around this time of year.  Today….we have sticky fingers from gluing together costumes and makeup stained bodies from getting our kids ready for their adventures into the spooky evening.  While snugging on our kid’s last touches before sending them off for play we are reminded that Halloween is a holiday that causes a lot of anxiety with parents. Perhaps unlike other holidays, tonight parents will gather and inevitably discuss how to best keep their children safe. We know it’s easy to worry and we are thankful for all the helpful resources on social media and print that educate parents on how to help minimize risks during trick or treating tonight.

Also, though, we know that our children are always kept safe (especially tonight) by our wonderful friends in police departments across the country. Tonight, we expect some extra effort from these men and women to keep our children safe as they run around as monsters and their favorite cultural icons.  HWI Gear appreciates the daily hard work law enforcement puts in, but as parents ourselves, we do want to give extra thanks tonight.

We want to help you help us. In that spirit we are sharing some tips from our friends at PoliceOne.com on how to keep yourselves safe and sound out there as you protect us.  Thank you and we hope you have a great Halloween with you families tonight as well!

10 Tips for Law Enforcement and Officers to Stay Safe

1.    Stay in control of your emotions and reduce residual ill-will all around.

2.    Accept that you are a target and make yourself a hard target.

3.    Start using Cooper’s color code.

4.    Pull your head out of your smart phone or laptop.

5.    Stop the social club nonsense.

6.    Upgrade your overall hand-to-hand skills.

7.    Upgrade your performance with firearms — particularly handguns.

8.    Start carrying a gun off duty you can shoot as well your duty gun.

9.    Remember your values and uphold them — you will live and die by them.

10.    Protect your home and your family.

(source: PoliceOne.com 5-4-15)