May is National Military Appreciation Month and HWI Gear would like to celebrate America’s warriors of freedom and remember those who gave their lives for our great country.  In recognition of our armed forces HWI Gear would like to encourage our fans and customers to observe this month as a symbol of unity for our country.  Our team at HWI Gear takes great pride in protecting our brave servicemen and women by providing the highest quality products to the US Military.  Did you know that HWI Gear has supplied over 1.5 MILLION pairs of Army Combat Gloves to the US Army over the past seven years?  We are on schedule equip our soldiers with standard issue gloves until the year 2017. We pledge to continue to manufacture unbeatable quality products for our military personnel.  Accordingly, how can we as a country pledge to honor our past and present military personnel each and every day of the year, not just the month of May?  There are countless ways to show your support year-round.  Do you display the American flag on your car, home or business?  Do you send care packages to our troops?  If you see a person in military uniform do you stop and shake their hand or thank them for their service?  Does your company offer military discounts?  There are numerous ways to say thank you and I hope we, as a country, can take time out of our busy lives to pay tribute to our courageous veteran’s and thank the soldiers for their service.  So, THANK YOU veterans and soldiers – we appreciate all that you do!