elite riot suit
The new riot suit by HWI Gear Inc

For SHOT SHOW 2016 we have created a 3d printed riot suit mockup of the new product designed by HWI Gear, Inc.  We call it the Elite Defender riot suit.  We worked hard to develop a new product line that fit in perfectly with our current combat gloves and tactical gear. So what about the real thing? Well…

3d printed riot suit
a 3d model of our new riot suit

The Elite Defender riot suit has a feature set that we’re hopeful police departments around the nation and globe will appreciate:

  • MOLLE webbing system on chest plate and hip guards for add-ons and storage pouch.
  • Sturdy PE protective shell for blunt force trauma protection.
  • Combination of thick BNI and EVA Foam for padding throughout suit for force absorption.
  • Sturdy Nylon and Hexagon Sandwich Mesh shell material.
  • Easily donable with a system of strong buckle straps.
  • Supplied with polyester carry bag
  • Ergonomically built to allow for full range of motion

This all combines to make what we think is some of the most effective riot scenario tactical gear available on the market for law enforcement departments and professionals.  Of course we’ll have our full range of gloves at the show including the Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove which can be worn with the riot suit offering more blunt force protection.

Seeing the new riot suit in person is the best way to experience all the attention to detail and environmental consideration that we put into the new product.  We’ll be at the SHOT SHOW the entire exhibition and encourage you to come find us on the show floor in the exhibitor hall.  We’ll be smiling and happy to talk to outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement professionals, and tactical responders alike so please come by exhibitor booth # 31111 at any time! You can try on all our tactical and combat gear including the new Elite Defender riot suit!