ed 100 tactical gear at show

A Chance to Display Our Tactical Gear

Last month we had a great show at The Police and Security Expo and showed off our gloves, pads, and riot suit tactical gear. We wanted to say thank you to everyone that came out and said hello to us here at HWI Gear. We loved putting out our newest tactical gear including our ED100 Elite Defender Riot Suit. We’ve seen some great responses from police and tactical professionals around the country with the ED100.

The show had many other great companies and products to show to convention goers but we were proud to offer our vendors, customers, and fans another addition to HWI Gear’s tactical and duty gear line up. For years we’ve provided law enforcement and military tactical professionals great protection with gear like the Hard Knuckle Tactical Glove, and our Next Generation Knee and Elbow Pads. We’ve loved hearing feedback on these gloves and gear and especially love the personal stories from our customers who we’ve helped stay safe and healthy out in the field.  But we knew we could keep up with our tradition of providing the highest quality tactical gear to our police and law enforcement professionals by offering a riot suit that was Better by Design.

So we worked hard to develop the Elite Defender 100 Riot Suit which incorporated real world feedback and requirements.  Some of the details we designed into our suit include intelligent ergonomic cut outs for easy holster access as well as blunt force protection in all the right areas without sacrificing mobility. Police Departments around the country have shown enthusiasm about the ED100 Riot Suit including the Cleveland PD who were prepared for the worst at the RNC convention this last month.

HWI Gear Inc is a family owned, operated, and managed business and while we are at these shows we love seeing our customers and meeting new people sharing stories, needs, and thoughts about the industry and life in general. We usually keep our Facebook page updated regularly so please join us there and maybe you too can be featured as a lucky raffle winner like Matthew who won the extremely popular KTS 100

If you don’t win the raffle chances are we will still have plenty of stock of some of the best swag around like our slap-koozies!