It has taken awhile for us to update our site and get a shopping experience that is better for our customers and more versatile for ourselves but it’s finally taking shape.  There are some kinks to work out still, and of course, what we think may be right for you may not be accurate; so please let us know what you would like to see and how you would like to see it.  We’ll definitely make our best efforts to get it all ironed out for you.

You can expect some new things from the HWI Gear family this year.  We’ve gotten ourselves on a platform that will allow us to reach out and stay in touch with our fans, our customers, and our colleagues.  So keep an eye out for more posts like this as well as some other media that we hope is as exciting for you as it is for us to think up!

Happy 2015 everyone! This year is starting off making records and the weather is colder in many parts of the country than ever before.  Everyone stay safe, and for our law enforcement customers out there don’t get caught out in the cold trying to stay sharp:

Maybe it’s time to check out some new cold weather gloves! It just so happens we have a great selection.


Thank you to everyone who has been a part or will be a part of our family.  Please drop us a line and let us know how you are.  Take care!