What makes HWI Gear a different and innovative brand of tactical and duty designs for law enforcement and military personnel? For starters, HWI Gear is a 100% family owned business with over 25 years of expeience in manufacturing and designing protective apparel. We pride ourselves on protecting police officers, military personnel and other emergency professionals for close to 30 years. In order to acheive the highest level of excellence in our industry HWI Gear focuses on delivering the best product, the best customer service and the best prices.

Did you know that HWI Gear has an in-house glove designer? Each day the HWI Gear Team is fortunate enough to see, touch and feel the new designs and patterns exclusively created for our gloves. Our glove designer is a huge asset to the team and it is an incredible advantage to experience glove design on such a unique and intimate level. Not only does HWI Gear take pride in producing the highest quality protective gloves, duty bags, knee and elbow pads and balaclava’s, but we strive to create new and innovative designs on a daily basis.

In addition to the highest quality product and most innovative designs, HWI Gear is proud to continue to focus on maintaining excellent customer service. Our number one focus as we continue to grow and expand is to continue to put our customer first. Our team understands that each and every consumer and their happiness in our product is our main goal. HWI Gear values the customer and their opinions and concerns. We love to hear from our end-users and strive to improve our product and customer service on a daily basis.

Lastly, HWI Gear works hard to keep our prices competitive. In addition to continuing to develop better products we continue to commit to producing the highest quality items at the most competitive prices on the market. We offer a variety of products at different price points and strive to keep our prices low.

An outstanding product, unprecedented customer service and low prices keep HWI Gear a step ahead of our competitors. We hope you see the difference and know we truly encompass our motto – “Better By Design”.