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HWI Gear, Inc Combat Gloves

– Combat [ ˈkämˌbat ] ~ Gloves [ gləv ] –

Definition: …take action & covering for the hand worn for protection…

HWI Gear, Inc has designed, manufactured, and provided combat gloves in America for over 25 years. Our military personnel use our gloves on a daily basis and thank us for a product that offers effective protection with durability, dexterity, and comfort that is unmatched in the industry.  We take pride in designing what we feel are the most effective combat gloves in the industry to meet any needs for military, law enforcement, emergency personnel, and other high demanding careers. We use the right product for the right application and pay attention to real world testing analysis and testing to help us innovate and push our gloves to be of the highest quality and usability in the world.  In our quarter century of experience we have developed gloves for general everyday use, cold weather use, weapon handling, blunt force protection needs, and more.


Below you will find a selection of our combat gloves available for sale…

All orders are shipped from our Colorado facility. Be sure to check out our sizing chart before ordering to minimize the need for returns.  However, we do accept returns and refunds as outlined in our policy.

You may want to start with our CG 100, 200, and 300 Combat Glove which is our general purpose best selling combat glove in our catalogue:[/text_output]