HWI GEAR, INC acquires Masley® Enterprises - Press Release

HWI GEAR, INC acquires Masely® Enterprises - Press Release

Riot Suit Elite Defender Gen 2 – ED100/GEN 2

The Elite Defender Rot Suit (ED100) offers critical protection from blunt-force trauma that doesn’t sacrifice fit and comfort. The effective and consistently reliable ED100 Riot Suit is easily deployed and/or removed for riot control, cell extractions or other tactical situations.  The Elite Defender Riot Suit’s contour molded outer shells feature impact ridges that disperse the brunt of blows, jabs and other projectiles, while foam inner padding cushions the officer’s body. Soft brush and mesh line the inside to reduce abrasion and provide long-term comfort. The sturdy PE hard shell protectors are used for covering and shielding most of the body.  The Elite Defender Riot Suit was designed to protect your body in the most rigorous tactical situations and has proven to be the premier riot suit in the industry.

*Helmet not sold through HWI Gear

*Individual pieces sold separately


Riot Suit Elite Defender Gen 2 – ED100/GEN 2


  • Built-in harness system for ballistic plates
  • Sturdy polyethylene (PE) protective shell for blunt-force trauma protection
  • MOLLE webbing system on chest plate and hip guards for add-ons and storage pouch
  • Integrated elastic straps for size variability
  • Sturdy nylon and hexagon sandwich mesh material on back
  • Built with special suspension hardshell design which minimizes shock
  • Combination of thick BNI and EVA foam padding throughout suit for force absorption
  • Full suit includes carrying bag with purchase

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs

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