HWI GEAR, INC acquires Masley® Enterprises - Press Release

HWI GEAR, INC acquires Masely® Enterprises - Press Release

Same Masley quality and performance. Now sold via HWI GEAR

Fuel Handler Glove (FH)

  • Flame resistant & full barrier resistance to JP8 fuel
  • MASLEY Pre-formed comfortable fit that allows for
    superior dexterity
  • Gauntlet design protects to the mid-forearm
  • Breathable lining wicks sweat away


“The only dexterous and comfortable Nomex and Leather glove with full barrier resistance to JP8 Fuel.”


Fuel Handler Glove (FH)

Fuel Handlers Glove
An alternative to the traditional rubber fuel handlers glove and the non-barrier gloves often worn by fuel handlers such as the traditional flyers glove and the light duty glove, the Masley Fuel Handlers Glove is a comfortable and tactile fitting glove with a full barrier lining for resistance to POL’s (petroleums, oils and lubricants). The outer shell is constructed of flame- resistant simplex knit and POL and flame-resistant leather. The inside lining is a combination moisture management brush knit for wicking sweat away from the hand and a fully sealed breathable barrier for resistance to POL’s. The glove shell pattern has concealed (in-seam) stitching for durability. A gauntlet increases the length to the mid forearm. A strap and buckle fastener is located on the back for cinching at the wrist.

Shell Fabric:

  • Nomex® IIIA Simplex Knit – made from inherently flame-resistant NOMEX® fiber with anti-static yarns.
  • Content: 92% Nomex®, 5% Kevlar®, 3% Antistatic Carbon w/Nylon Sheath. Construction is simplex warp knit for superior ravel resistance.

Shell Leather:

  • POL (petroleum, oil & lubricant) Resistant, Level 5 Oil Repellency using the ATC 118-1192 test method
  • Flame Resistance – after flame 2 seconds maximum and stop glowing within 5 seconds
  • Non-Melting
  • Water Repellency Treated

Inside Lining/Barrier:

  • GORE-TEX® Insert
  • Breathable laminate that combines moisture management brush knit with a barrier film that resists POL’s.
  • Laminate is completely sealed in the shape of a hand insert and resistant to JP8 Fuel when tested using the NFPA 1971, 2000 Edition, Whole Glove Integrity Test with JP8 Fuel instead of water.
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